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Whiskey Decanter Set World Etching Spherical Decanter

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colour: Transperant
material: glass
Product size length X width X height: 18.11 x 9.45 x 10.83 inches
commodity weight: 5 lb

About the product
world-etched 793.82 g 850 ml spherical decanter with custom vessel, mahogany-finished tray with elegant golden handle for easy access from the ground Lift up, globe etched glass cup, metal inverted funnel and glass stopper
A piece of art, a topic opener: each decanter is a masterpiece hand-blown by a skilled craftsman, with a custom-designed boat on the inside. Rotate along the axis of the earth and travel around the world. Add a touch of elegance to your life or bar decoration, guaranteed to start a conversation!
1 large size (28 oz, 850 ml) decanter can hold the entire bottle of whiskey, wine, alcohol and spirits 2 4 globe etched glasses worth $30, 3 mahogany veneer trays with attractive golden handles to help you Use glasses for your decanter, and easily lift 4 close-fitting glass stoppers to keep your drink fresh and delicious. 5 pouring funnels to fill up your decanter without overflow
Safety certification and lead-free certification: the decanter, glass stopper, and inverted funnel are all certified and meet food safety standards. Lead-free (different from crystal)