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Household Electric Fan Heater Energy-Saving Vertical Electric Heating Machine

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Product parameter
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2200W
Timing time: 12 hours
Product material: flame retardant ABS
Temperature adjustment: 15-40℃
Product size: 240*260*900mm
Product advantages
1. Heavy tray at the bottom to prevent tipping
2. LCD screen, heater working temperature and mode, real-time display
3. Anti-scalding net at the air outlet, and a safety anti-scalding net design to prevent children from touching
4. The machine is tilted 30°, automatic power-off intelligent protection
5. The machine's working temperature is abnormal and the power is automatically cut
6. When the air outlet is blocked, the machine will automatically cut off power when overheated
7. The whole machine gives priority to ABS flame retardant material, which has higher stability
Shaking the head in the range of 8.60°, effectively reducing the discomfort caused by long-lasting heating and feeling the warmth
9.12 hours timing, humanized timing shutdown, easy to operate
10.6M remote infrared remote control, easy to operate
11. The mode is switched to shutdown, the display starts to shut down after 30s countdown, and the hot air in the machine is exhausted to extend the service life
12. Tap the light to be quiet and become an atmosphere light mode, 4 kinds of light colors, add fun to the night
13. Diffusion-shaped air outlet design, professional air duct design makes the heater blow farther and more comfortable
14. After reaching the set temperature, the heater automatically switches the heating mode to reduce power consumption as much as possible on the premise of heating
15. The LCD screen displays temperature adjustment, 15-40℃, 25 different gears are suitable for different environments, and can be adjusted at any time
16. PTC heating element, the thermal efficiency is as high as 99%+, super long and durable, no oxidation, no light when in use, no open flame, more energy saving